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Europe Road Trip Planner, Maps and Guides

Create & Book Your Own Dream Road Trip in Europe

Welcome to the Road Trip Guy! “Who?” You might ask. The Road Trip Guy! Yes, there is actually a person on this world who is known as the guy who did Europe’s biggest road trip of 30,000 Km through 41 countries. In the summer of 2017, I would start an adventure that exceeded my wildest dreams.

Together with partner in crime (My Volkswagen Beetle) “Lazy Louie” I drove through every European country and created the best travel guides, maps and routes that you can use for FREE! Visit The Road Trip Guy blog and get inspired for your next adventure on the road by either a car or motorcycle!

Today, The Road Trip Guy has grown to become the No.1 travel agency for booking tailor-made road trips in Europe.

Every month we have thousands of guest visiting our site for information on how to plan their ultimate road trip. Therefore, we provide a service to create tailor-made holiday packages for people who want to make a once in a lifetime European road trip!

Receive your free consultation now!

Keep on driving, road trippers!

Europe road trip planner

My 30,000 km route through 41 countries!

Free Travel Guides

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