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Work With Us

Are you ready to promote your brand every month to thousands of families, couples and other road trip travellers with our help?

The Road Trip Guy is a popular travel blog that started out as the diary of Niels Thomas, who drove a 30,000 Km road trip through 41 European countries in a Volkswagen Beetle.

After receiving so much positive feedback during his travels, he decided to turn The Road Trip Guy into the number 1 Road Trip Guide of Europe (and one day the world). His passion for travel, cars & motorcycles, photography, nature & wildlife, cultures, gadgets and adventure is what makes his stories and photography very popular with our readers.

In addition to our site, readers find us on Facebook and Instagram.

From the website to our social media channels, The Road Trip Guy can help promote and increase your brand’s exposure to our audience.

Statistics – May 2022

Page Views: 35,000+ (25,000+ sessions by GA)
Facebook fans: 4,000+
Instagram followers: 12,000+ (engagement rate per post +- 7.0%)
DA: 25
PA : 26

Target Audience: English-speaking, ages 20-45 , 51% male / 49 % female. USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, Netherlands, Germany. People who like to travel by road either to the destination or on the destination. Owners of Motorhomes, RV’s, Campervan’s, but also people who participate in motorcycle tours and car rallies.

How we can work together

The Road Trip Guy offers several ways to work together. Below you will see a summary of each option and if you have any questions or remarks please feel free to contact us anytime for more information.

1. Press Trips

Want to attract more travellers to your business? A press trip with the Road Trip Guy is the way to go.

Traveling and driving to new places is something we love to do. We share these experiences on our blog and social media, which increases your online exposure and brand awareness on a personal level.

Because The Road Trip Guy is specialized in a small niche we have a very strong and unique following. The high engagement rate on Instagram is a good example of that.

Benefits of working with The Road Trip Guy
  • Increase your brand awareness – Our readers will keep your brand in mind next time they are planning their road trip.
  • Reaching the right audience – The audience is primarily English-speaking travelling couples, families and graduates from UK, Ireland, USA, Australia, Germany and The Netherlands who travel by road in Europe and have a high income.
  • Increased search engine visibility – We have a great experience in SEO postings. This gives our articles a good chance to rank on the first page in Google. (Example: Experience with Trabi Safari World). Our articles also help improve your own search engine ranking.
  • Unlimited marketing – The reviews and blog posts will stay on the website for an unlimited time. This way your brand will still influence people years down the road.

If you invite us to your destination, we will write quality reviews with photographs and share our experiences both on our blog and across social media. We also write for other publications and can share our experiences on these outlets as well.

With a sponsored blog post we can write an article about your brand or a destination with several back links posting towards your website. Additionally, the article can also be promoted on our social media channels.

Benefits of working with The Road Trip Guy:

  • Increase in brand awareness and exposure
  • Links directly to your website and products & services
  • Increased search engine rankings (SEO)

Sponsored blog posts will stay on the website for an unlimited amount of time.This way your brand will still influence our readers, even years down the road.

3. Competitions

Competitions run though our social media channels or website can quickly create great exposure to your brand, get more traffic to your website, generate additional e-mail subscribers and more followers on social media.

With a competition we can give away a certain product or service for free or at a discounted price to our readers. It also has a great effect on your SEO rankings, due to increased activity on social media regarding your brand.

4. Advertising

Advertising is possible im our sidebar, footer, within an article or on the main-page. Size of the banner and duration of advertisement can be custom-tailored to generate great click-through rates to your website. Contact us for the current rates.


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