Road trip Bosnia & Herzegovina – Mostar, Blagaj Tekke & The Kravica Waterfalls

Road trip in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Road trip Bosnia & Herzegovina – Mostar & The Kravica Waterfalls

During my travels through Croatia, I actually entered Bosnia and Herzegovina twice! One time by accident when I was traveling from Dubrovnik to Split by crossing the small seaside village of Neum and the other one when driving towards Mostar.

What a great way to start my road trip in Bosnia and Herzegovina. When you enter Bosnia you be obliged to show all your documentation to the border security. It is a similar procedure like the one I did when entering the Ukraine, therefore I recommend check out this blog post for extra information.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the stunning views and landscapes of Bosnia and Herzegovina! You will not regret it..  at least.. if you do not go off-road. As there are still a lot of landmines to be found!

Oh my.. here we go!


The border crossing between Croatia and Bosnia is an easy one. The procedure did not take more than 10 minutes and as soon as you enter Bosnia you can see the roads and infrastructure have made quiet the progress over the last few years.

After the war was finished, Bosnia quickly became a famous tourist destination as did all the other former SFRY countries.

Because of this you can see that the local people are still very happy to see foreign people visit their little shops and they will treat you very good when you come to visit.

My first stop would be in Mostar. Mostar is a city in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina, straddling the Neretva River. One of the most famous landmarks is the Stari Most, or also known as “Old Bridge”.

This reconstructed medieval arched bridge was almost completely destroyed during the war, but is now restored to its full glory. And what a beauty it is! The city itself has a lot of moslim influences like mosques and typical Arab kitchen.

What I loved about this city was the relaxed atmosphere and the cute small streets with all the traditional shops and restaurants.

You find a good hotel or appartement for as little as 14 euro per night and eating out will cost you around 8 euro per person (a drink included) for a 2-course meal. Now that is a bargain!

During the evening there is a lot of live music and entertainment happening in the center of the city.

If you have time, I recommend you to visit the Old Bazar and the local Mosque. Here you will find good souvenirs and gifts whilst at the mosque you can learn all about the muslim culture and religion and its influence on local culture.

Blagaj Tekke & Buna River

The Blagaj Tekke is an ancient old monastery and is located about 30 minutes outside of Mostar. The route is easy to follow and you will see several English signs pointing you in the right direction.

When you arrive at Blagaj Tekke, you will find several paid parking options. From there it is just a 10-minute walk down the road to the monastery.

During this walk you pass the Buna River and here you will find dozens of small little local shops selling traditional foods and gifts. If you want to buy a nice souvenir for the family, this is the place to do so.

Inside the monastery you can learn all about the history of the writers, religions and other fascinating stories that happened in this little piece of paradise. Keep in mind that it is a muslim country, therefore you need to cover up when you enter the house.

They will provide for you the proper clothing at the entrance if you do not have anything with you. You can borrow this at no additional charge.

Ticket price

2 Euro per person


2 Euro per person

The Kravica waterfalls

The Kravica waterfall is a large tufa cascade on the Trebižat River. It is also known as “little Niagara” as it resembles the Niagara Falls in Canada.

In the summer it can get very busy. Even so busy that all the water of the spring is dirty and full with garbage and waste. It was a really disappointment as the view is absolutely stunning and the water is perfect.

There are several small shops located nearby the waterfalls where you can buy something to drink and eat. There is not a real organised system when it comes to finding a spot, so it works as a first comes, first serve kind of thing.

I just hope one day they will decide to take good care of it before it is too late. If you visit during your travels make sure it is not in July or August.

Ticket price

8 Euro per person