​Choosing The Best Water Park In Gran Canaria – What Options Do I Have?

Best Water Park In Gran Canaria

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Choosing The Best Water Park In Gran Canaria – What Options Do I Have?

When you think about Gran Canaria, there is not much hitting you – an island with beautiful beaches, lots of green in the middle, fine sand and heat. This is pretty much true, but the thing is – there is much more to do and see around. You got hiking trails, history, culture and a great local cuisine.

When you go there for more than a week, things might get a bit boring. You do the same thing every single day. Even if you change the beach, you still have a similar experience. Things are different if your kids are there, as you have to look after them too.

All in all, whether you want some excitement or you want to give your kids the holiday of a lifetime, a local water park can make the difference. There are quite a few good places around there. I have visited the island at least once a year over the last 10 years, so I have seen and done everything.

Of course, I went to a water park with my partner the first time we were there – lovely experience. I am normally worried (too busy) of such things, but water parks in Gran Canaria give you a feeling of relaxation.

We have also tried a few others while on holiday with our kids – the perfect experience.

While your options are limited if you get to this island too often, choosing the best water park in Gran Canaria can be challenging.

So, what options do you have? What makes them so special?

Here are the top rated parks based on my personal experience.

Aqualand Maspalomas

We went to Aqualand Maspalomas quite a few times. In my opinion, this is the best water park in Gran Canaria – with or without kids. It was the closest water park to us, so the first time was a guess. We loved it. We tried another park the next year, only to get back to this one the year after.

Aqualand Maspalomas is the largest water park on the island. There are over 40 different slides. They are family friendly. Some of them are specifically designed for children. The point is – you will not have to wait for half an hour in a queue. Instead, you just pick one that is not so busy and go for it.

The craziest slide is known as Anaconda. However, you can also race on various slides. The water labyrinth is another highlight that I recommend, as well as the Children’s Paradise. You can literally fill up a couple of days with all the attractions on site.

If you want to relax a bit, head over to the Polynesia park and the gardens. You have plenty of activities too – most of them on land. You can admire some sea lions and learn about them – a great activity for both children and adults. Parking is free. Food, drinks and sun beds are not included in the ticket price.

Looking for some discounts? You will find all kinds of vouchers around Gran Canaria for this water park. In fact, even if you order online, you will get a little discount. The more people going in, the higher the discount. There are a few different payment options over the Internet – the whole process takes a few minutes.

Since Aqualand Maspalomas is rated the best water park in Gran Canaria, getting there is fairly simple. Many nearby hotels provide free shuttle buses that may take you to local beaches or major attractions, such as this water park. You can also take a few different buses, a taxi or drive yourself if you decide to rent a car.

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Parque Acuatico Oasis Lago Taurito

Whether your hotel is close to Parque Acuatico Oasis Lago Taurito or it is on your list, make sure you do it in season. If you visit too late or early in the year, some of the rides might be closed for maintenance and repairs. We visited in the summertime, only because we wanted to see what else is out there.

There are dozens of attractions on site. Kids will love exploring the park. You can easily fill your day by going from one ride to another. While some rides are exclusively designed for kids, many others can be used by everyone.

The best rides I tried are Kamikaze (sky diving sensations), Roller Coaster (literally a roller coaster on water), Free Fall (going down a slide at high speed) and Space Bowl. In Space Bowl, you ride at about 30MPH and end up in a tunnel. I was a bit scared to do it, but my partner did it twice.

You only have to bring your swim wear, sunglasses and sun cream. Everything else is provided. You got restaurants, shops, sports and parking. If you want to chill down, you can get a hammock and a beach umbrella – it might be a bit too loud, but it is still a good experience.

Parque Acuatico Oasis Lago Taurito looks like a facility designed for children, but it is not. You will see many couples and adults hanging around and trying one ride after another. I personally tried about half of them. I also need to mention you have a wellness and spa center on site, as well as bowling, mini golf, paddle sports and others.

This water park is open every single day of the year. It makes no difference if you visit during the summertime or in January – you will find it open. You can get there by bus, taxi or car. Since we lived in the same town, we walked there.

Amadores Fun Park

Amadores Fun Park is not my type of fun, but we ended up on Playa de Amadores, so we gave it a try anyway. So, what do you have? There is not too much adrenaline, but a bouncy castle with all kinds of labyrinths on water. Kids will love it. Adults are welcome to join, but I got tired within 15 minutes only.

You can buy a ticket for 40 or 45 minutes or the whole day. If you have a big family, spending the whole day there can be pricey. Besides, there is not much to do. Sure, kids will love going up and down to slide, but adults will get bored pretty fast.

There are no facilities on site because, after all, this is not a real water park, but a bouncy castle on the water. However, it is just yards away from Playa de Amadores. In other words, you can go back to the shores and get yourself a drink or some food.

We went there while on a couple retreat, so kids were not there. As adults, we grabbed tickets for minutes only – not expensive. However, it seemed that kids there could go on forever on those slides. Therefore, I would recommend this place to families or those with kids, rather than couples or singles.

Apart from the main slider that involves climbing up and eventually stepping on your tongue after a few tries, you can also hang around and find other interesting bouncy areas, such as a tower or even a catapult. You can swim around it, chill down or take a break before the next adventure

If you want to keep an eye on your kids, you will have to pay a ticket for yourself too – even if you do not feel like using any of the rides. Basically, you pay an entry fee and then you decide yourself whether or not it is for you. All in all, it makes a good workout for the money.

Other theme parks in Gran Canaria

Water parks will most likely make the difference. They will take you out of your routine – beach, restaurant, rest, going out, sleep. However, if you spend too much time in Gran Canaria, you might want to try other things as well.

There are a few other theme parks you can give a try while on the island:

  • Sioux City Park – western theme park featuring cowboys and horses that was originally built as a film set in the 1970s.
  • Cocodrilo Park Gran Canaria – an impressive zoo with over 500 animals and one of the largest exhibits of alligators in the entire Europe.
  • Mundo Aborigen Museum and Theme Park – the possibility to explore life in an ancient Canarian village.

Bottom line

In the end, deciding on the best water park in Gran Canaria is entirely up to you. There are not too many options, so you can try all of them if you feel like it.

My tip : However, I suggest leaving Aqualand Maspalomas at the end if you do that. It is the most complete water park in the area, so chances are nothing else will impress you if you start with it. 

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Other than that, make sure you have plenty of sun cream with you, as well as your swimwear. You can get anything else once you are in.​

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