In this episode, I am driving through the beautiful country of Norway. I just stayed for a few days in Oslo and although it is a wonderful big city, it was really expensive (Blogpost: Explore the City of Oslo on a Budget) and I wanted to explore the fjords and nature, Norway had to offer. My route is between Oslo and Bergen (Blogpost: 25.000 Km Europe Road Trip Part 4: Oslo, Bergen and hiking the Trolltungaand I had planned to do the route in one day.

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An unexpected turn of events in Norway

On my route I would come across landscapes, fjords, waterfalls, the longest tunnel of Norway and the famous Borgund Stave Church, but just outside of Oslo I experience an unaccepted turn of events. While getting gas at the local gasoline station, a Norwegian gentleman noticed the stickers on Lazy Louie. We started talking and he liked the project so much that he invited me to see a real Norwegian farm.

Drive to Bergen

After having a great few hours at the farm I noticed I still had to drive a lot of kilometers to get to Bergen. And it was already in the afternoon so I had to hurry up a bit. Thankfully, the roads were not busy and driving the longest tunnel of Norway was a very interesting, just lonely, experience. The good thing is that once you exit the beautiful fjords of Aurlands appear.

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  1. Loving the video. I love road tripping in Norway, I was at the top around Kirkenes this year in the winter and driving on ice was fantastic!

  2. I only got to visit Oslo when I went to Norway. You got such nice weather and the photos really show how beautiful Norway is. Looks like the perfect place to road trip.

  3. The road-trip is such an epic project! I visit Norway often, but never been to Oslo…often end of going to Stavanger or the Flords. Need to plan for Bergen too next time 🙂

  4. Sounds like a cool trip Niels. Lucky you, you get to see so many countries in such a short period of time. Well done!

  5. It’s amazing how you meet random people on the road and get invited to their place afterward! Plus a road trip with such a cool car definitely adds to the awesomeness of the trip!

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