6 Reasons on Why Traveling Alone on a Road Trip Sucks!

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6 Reasons on Why Traveling Alone on a Road Trip Sucks!

Road trips are a great experience. They are a chance to see the world around you, as well as getting you to the place that you need to be. However, the idea of a road trip can be a little daunting if you plan to go it traveling alone.

With this in mind, we have put together the reasons why we believe that you should always take a road trip with friends, and why a solo road trip might just suck!

You have no-one to share the driving with

If you are traveling alone whilst on a road trip, then all the driving is down to you. That means when you are tired you will need to stop and take a break. Possibly cutting into your time to reach your destination. Having someone else with you means that you can share the driving, and that you can sleep as you travel. Perfect if you have a set time to reach a certain point on your trip.

You may get bored

Being by yourself can be incredibly peaceful during your road trip, but the silence can soon get boring. Of course, you can turn on the radio, but that isn’t quite the same as human company. Having someone else with you means that you will always have someone to talk to. Whilst you can sometimes sit in silence, you can also indulge each other in those amazing conversations that will help you to stay awake and not get bored.

Nothing is better than an all car sing along

Whilst you can sing alone on a road trip, as loud as you like, there is no better than feeling then having someone else singing with you. This is a great reason alone that solo road trips suck! Although having someone else in the car means that you will have someone to judge your off key notes. It is a good thing that The Road Trip Guy already made some epic road trip playlists as well!

You may not feel as safe

There are likely to be times when you need to drive alone at night, or stay in places that you don’t feel particularly comfortable in. Having someone else with you means that you will instantly feel safer and more secure.

Directions are all down to you

You may have a really good idea of where you need to head, or perhaps no set plan on your route, but at times you are going to need some directions to help you to get where you need to be. Being alone means that you will need to power up the sat nav or dig out the map. Having someone there means that you will be able to share the burden of directions and have someone to guide you as you drive.

You won’t have anyone to share the memories with

There is nothing lonelier then having a great experience, but not having anyone to share that with. Solo road trips are a great experience, but there simply is no-one else there to share it with. Having a friend travel with you means that you will always have someone else to talk to and to relive all those amazing things that you did!

What is your experience with traveling alone?