Vlog 6: How to hike Trolltunga in Norway


During my 30,000 km road trip through Europe, I had the opportunity to climb the Trolltunga. It was a race against the clock as the weather that week would only have one day of sun. Meanwhile, I was still in Bergen, therefore I jumped in the car and raced towards Odda where I would start my adventure. In this Vlog I show you how to hike Trolltunga, how I prepared and which equipment I used.

Extra blogpost on how to hike Trolltunga

An addition to this vlog is my blogpost on: How To Hike TrollTunga Alone. In this blogpost I made a summary of all the steps I did to prepare but also the equipment. I hope it will be useful for your next hike as it is truly an amazing experience and you should definitely make the hike if you are in the area.



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