Your No.1 Dash Cam For Truckers Review [ Road Trip Guy Knows Best ]


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Your No.1 Dash Cam For Truckers & Trucks Review [ Road Trip Guy Knows Best ]

A dash cam is an amazing gadget that has helped a lot of truckers prove their innocence in recent times and make driving their features vehicles that much easier! Be it a road accident or any other unpleasant situation, an unfortunate view about truck drivers gives an impression that they are to be held responsible for all road mishaps because of the size of their vehicles.

Truthfully, we know that this is not the case at all, but it is better to be safe than sorry, right?

With the introduction of dash-cam technology, this decreased to some extent and thanks to the Russian drivers the usage of a dash-cams has also become very popular in Western countries. And also very funny!

So, if you are a trucker and looking for the Best Dash Cam For Truckers of 2018, than we think this is the perfect blog for you! Here is an elaborated post dedicated to all trucker across the world as we compare the top 5 best dash cams on the market today.

We compared features, prices and pro’s and con’s to determine the best choice for your next adventure on the road!

How To Choose the Best Dash Cam For Truckers?

There is no specific way, as to how to select the best one for you as everybody has different needs and trucks. However, we have provided you with a few pointers that will help you out:

  • Easy to use – If you are first timer, then you will be apprehensive about using this, which is quite normal. You must choose one that user friendly and does not require too much handling from your side.
  • Night Vision – This will help you record well even at night, as your duties might not time bound.
  • Display – Make sure that you go for a high definition display with a screen size of 2 to 3 inches in the least. This will give clarity and you will be rendered more than satisfied. You do not wan’t to buy a dash-cams for ants!
  • Lens – It must have a wide view and the video should be able to record at all angles. This will make it easier to track and record for you.

Top 5 Best Truck Camera of 2018 – Let’s check it out!

Ok, now that you know some important pointers here are the Top 5 Best Dash Cam For Truckers in 2018.

Dash Cam VA-CD008, VAVA Brand

This VAVA product is a high quality camera with 6 layers of lenses that record high-definition. It is known for being one of the best backup cameras for pickup trucks.

The 1080 pixels make it possible for users to watch and record good videos. You get a bit of stealth with this camera, as it remains hidden on your dashboard.

The quality of this truck cam is excellent and the design is use to use. I also like the design which is light and small compared to other truck dashboard camera systems.

This makes it a lot harder to spot for thieves as well, which is great feature because removing the camera every time I park the truck is a nightmare.

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  • Design – The design is very simple to use. You can put it behind your rear view mirror and you are ready to go. It is small and compact as well.
  • Captures in Low Light – That is correct, this dash camera can work in low light areas as well. It can adjust according to the light conditions.
  • Easy to install – It is an effortless job to put it up, as the suction cups work pretty well. As far as the DVR is concerned, you can stick it quickly, as the adhesive is strong enough for this and will not give you any trouble. Plus, it comes with a long wire so you can put it anywhere you like.  

Video presentation

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Can rotate for 160 degrees that is a lot of angle to capture
  • Does not interfere with driver’s work while at the wheels
  • It has dual ports, you can use one for recoding videos and the other for charging a phone
  • It starts working as soon as the ignition is turned on
  • Affordably priced and you will not have to worry about its quality
  • You get quality video
  • Saves you from falling prey to objectionable situations
  • At times it does not turn on automatically, which is not a deal breaker, but may be a predicament for some
  • The manual could have been a bit better to explain installation and more.


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WheelWitness HD PRO PLUS Premium Dash Cam with WiFi & GPS

WheelWitness is a well-know brand when it comes to selecting a dash camera for truck drivers. The clear display and quick GPS system are two fabulous features that really stand out.

It comes with a simple cup which attached the camera in a matter of seconds and also includes a WIFI feature that makes it easy to upload and download software and of course your recorded footage,

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  • Design – The black matte finish exterior makes it attractive and you will be surprised to know that it can be mounted by a simple cup. It is sturdy and is nothing like the cheap flimsy cameras.
  • Easy to install – This is a plug and play device that can be installed right out of the box. All you need is to simply insert the SD card and mount it on your vehicle. Voila!
  • Premium video – The quality of the video has to be mentioned here because this is the main reason why you would be investing in it. It uses Sony Exmo sensors (IMX322 CMOS) with 6-Glass lenses that have high precision. It provides you with high clarity recordings, both at night as well as day.
  • G-sensor – This takes the cake away as it can record all the footage in case of an accident. You can either do it manually or let it record by itself that can be used as a witness when required.
  • GPS – You can check on the coordinates in real-time and will know it soon that tracking your destination was never so easy. This is one the MVP of this product and WheelWitness is proud of that.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • This allows you to zoom in 4x
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • It keeps safe and protected by keeping you responsive
  • You can dispute a collision with this device
  • It has loop recording facility that can overwrite the older files with the latest ones
  • Moreover, you can time them according to your preferences
  • The user manual needs to be more clear
  • The camera is small in size, although is not a problem, but may not be comfortable for some


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WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam with GPS – 2K Super HD

WheelWitness has engineered some groundbreaking technology when comes to dash cams. They indeed deserve this honor to be present on this list of Top 5 Best Dash Cam For Truckers – 2018 Edition because of the elements they put into their products. This camera bestows you with a recording feature in super HD resolution 1296p. Awesome!

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  • Design – Just like any other WheelWitness, this has a matte finish look. What makes it striking is compact size that is easy to store. If you are looking for something that remains camouflaged, then this is it.
  • Build – The Ambarella A7LA50 is a processor that can process the details this camera can provide. It is sturdy and you can rely on it for lucidity as it provides you with ultra clear recordings.
  • WDR technology – This offers you with what they call “razor sharp images” because of the balance in exposure. More or less, the dark and white spots give back “multiple exposures.” In short, this means you get a clear vision even at night.
  • Installation – It is very easy to install this camera, as you can insert the SD card and mount it on your vehicle. As the power turns on, the camera gets ready to record. Yes, it is that simple!
  • Loop recording – This is a smart device that can overwrite the older files with the latest ones. This aids in continuous recording and there is no need to explain that this feature has made it a popular choice of many.

Video Presentation

Pros Cons
  • GPS assists you find destinations with coordinates, speed and the location details
  • The G-sensor also needs a special mention here that can record road catastrophes that may work in your favor
  • That is right, you can use this device to prove your innocence
  • The LCD screen 3 inches in size that has all the controls
  • Needless to say, this provides you with road safety by all means
  • It is not all bulky, which is another reason for its popularity
  • A couple of instances of frozen screen has been observed, but you reboot it to avoid this
  • It takes some time to start operating, which hints at the fact that you cannot make it straight out of the box

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Z-EDGE Z3 Plus Dash Cam

Okay, here is the deal, as this is a premium quality camera minus the price. Doesn’t that sound good? Hell yes, it does. It has been voted as the best dash cam of 2016 by Wirecutter. What more do you want on this? Yes, we have covered some vital details on this camera for you. Just keep reading for more.

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  • Design – It has a sexy design that you cannot ignore at all. The matte finish only adds to its charms and it knows how to entice with its attributes that are going to be discussed in this segment further.
  • Your live witness – In this respect, we need to talk about the ultra HD 2.5k quality recording. This along with A12 Ambarella processor and CMOS sensor for images has made it numero uno in the market today.
  • Quality of images – Do we even have to talk about that after we have already informed you? In case, you want to know then consider the 2560x1440P images with Wide Quad HD that offers mind boggling clarity. It can move up to 155 degrees and can capture 30 frames a second. The result is, you will never miss another number plate!
  • Loop recording – First of, it starts to record as your key in the ignition and it has a loop system of overwriting the old files with new ones. This enables you to stay current with all the recordings.
  • HDR – Its High Dynamic Range makes sure that you get compensated for night vision. It can adjust to lighting conditions and can balance exposure dark or light spots accordingly.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • 6 glass lenses reduce glare
  • In addition, the G-sensor records a road upset without delay
  • You get a lot of accessories with it, provided you buy form the right merchant
  • It also comes with a parking mode surveillance facility (24/7)
  • Backed by 18 months warranty
  • Money back guarantee up to 30 days that makes it an authentic product
  • You get lifetime support with this dash cam
  • There is no phone support and all that you get is e-mail customer service, which could be a bit a problem if you are on constantly on the move
  • You could face some installing issues while downloading the content

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OldShark 3″ 1080P Dash Cam

You may be looking for a dash cam that works both in the day and at night. However, coming across one that has HD recording, but is priced reasonably. Then you can look into this OldShark 3″ 1080P that has all the qualities of a high end dash cam. We have included it in this catalog owing to its varied features, like:

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  • Design – You may have seen a lot of dash cams, but this one has a neat design. You will not be able to overlook the shell body made form zinc alloy. Most cams would have elaborate designs, but this one seems to have nailed it.
  • Image quality – The 6 lenses of glass equip you with sharper images and you can capture 1080 HD recording with this dash cam. It can move up to 170 degrees and you can record images during the day as well as at night.
  • Set up – It is quite easy to set up, as you take it out of the box, punch in the SD card and mount it in your vehicle. That’s it, it is ready to go!
  • Battery – Most importantly, this is one of a kind of dash cam that has an in-built battery. Yes, you need external power to run it, which again saves your vehicle’s battery. It needs anything between 12V-24V for operating in spite of being installed in a car or a truck.

Video presentation

Pros Cons
  • G-sensor records it all during a road calamity
  • It has motion detection system that can record the moment anyone is stands close to your automobile
  • It starts recording in case it detects a shock or vibration
  • Has loop recording that can overwrite the previous files with the latest ones
  • WDR technology records in a zoom under any light condition, so you will never miss a number plate
  • You get lifetime of customer support
  • 45 days money back guarantee
  • Comes with 18 months warranty
  • The manual seems to have been translated badly, although does not pose a threat.
  • The exposure is low and the night vision gets compromised because of this and the result is a lot of dark images


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Compare prices

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F.A.Q. of selecting best dash cam for truck drivers

  1. What is a dash cam?

Ans. It is a camera attached to your windshield for continuous recording. These are like a camera inside the car or a car black box.

  1. Why are they called dash cams?

Ans. Initially, only police vehicles had these cameras and they used to be mounted on the dashboard for recording. Most cameras come with a suction cup these days that can be mounted on the windshield of the truck.

  1. What are benefits of dash cams?

Ans. There a lot of advantages of dash cams, as already mentioned:

  • They come handy during a road misadventure
  • The recordings act like documentary evidence
  • You can explain your insurance as well as employer what exactly happened
  • Most have GPS that help you find your way
  • You can capture some really funny things that you may enjoy or go viral by uploading
  1. How much do they cost?

Ans. In general, a low end model would cost you something around $60 and it can go as high as $150.

Conclusion – Best truck driver dash cam

It has to be mentioned that truck drivers help us a lot in our day to day to lives. We would not have bread in our baskets or vegetables in the refrigerator, if they did not take up this risky job. Thankfully technology treats everyone as equal and has developed something like a dash cam to help us out in difficult situations.

And even if you drive a pick-up truck or a more civilian sized truck, the dash-cam is a good investment to secure your safety and even record great road trip memories!

Ideally speaking, if you are a trucker than you must have a look at one of these Top 5 Best Dash Cam For Truckers. You will not regret having invested in these dash cams.

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