Road Trip Itinerary Coaching & Consultation Services


Like me, you’re a fanatic when it comes to road trips. Traveling by road with either a car or motorcycle is something you love to do, but creating your ideal road trip itinerary requires a lot of detailed research and careful planning. 

And we all know how time-consuming and stressful that can be, right? Long hours on Google and you will find so many opinions and information that you are feeling a bit lost.

Thankfully, there is a solution! You want to taste, feel, smell, hear and see for yourself what makes a road trip in your favorite country so special. Therefore, it is time to say goodbye to those boring old crowded tourist traps. We are here to help you find those unique cultural experiences & hidden treasures on your next road trip adventure!

We will be your Road Trip Consultant!

Excited? Keep reading to learn more!

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Make your travel planning that much easier with a road trip expert by your side!

You might be wondering:

“Who is this Road Trip Guy?”

Since doing Europe’s biggest road trip in 2017, I’ve built up a broad knowledge on how to travel by car through Europe.

I have discovered interesting routes, beautiful hidden treasures, fun activities, the best restaurants and the rules that apply for traveling by car in each country.

Discover the most enchanting spots that you won’t find in any popular guidebooks. I will show you which places are worth your time and effort and which tourist traps are best avoided. After traveling through 41 countries, driving 30,000 km. in 6 months I know a thing or two about planning a good road trip!

Not convinced yet? :

Learn more about My Trip 2017

Learn how to spot the pitfalls and how you can avoid costly, frustrating or embarrassing mistakes.

Thrilled? Good, because it gets better!

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Our Road Trip Coaching Services saves you time, money and stress! All those nasty things you do not need on your holiday!

How do you know if the Road Trip Coaching Services are right for your travel plans?

Let’s find out, shall we? :

Do you love planning your own road trips and creating itineraries, but are you stuck with finding interesting places to stay and things to do?

No problem to make your own bookings for hotels, flights, car hire and tours, but you would like the links and references to the best places and agencies?

Having a hard time finding the time to research properly?

Are you worried about the different rules & legislations of each country when it comes to car travel?

No idea what paperwork is needed?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, the Road Trip Coaching Service is designed for you!

You get to keep the fun, freedom and flexibility of piecing together your own itinerary.

Just far more efficiently.

If you’re too busy to start planning a road trip from scratch – but want to be actively involved in building your uniquely personalised itinerary, Road Trip Coaching Service is the way to go!

When our scheduled coaching session is finished, you will have created a clear idea on what your road trip holiday should be. The next step is to create a unique, logical and tailor-made route that maximizes your fun-times on the road!

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“Amazing service! Niels helped us a lot when booking our road trip through Norway. We hiked the famous Trolltongue mountain, got the perfect photography spots and saved a lot time and money!”

– Jen & Dave (New York) 

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“Renting a fiat 500 and doing a road trip in Tuscany. We loved it! Thanks so much, Niels! He proposed at the house of the gladiator movie. It was amazing!!”

– Kevin & Sara (UK)

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“I always wanted to explore Ukraine with my van, but I could not find any solid information online. I found Road Trip Guy through one of his blog posts (Ukraine border) and i was happy with how much free information and tips he provided. now I am all set and ready to go to drive from Lviv to Kiev and Odessa for the next 2 months! The itinerary was well worth the money. Merci, Niels!”

– Albert (France)

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Step 1: Get a free consultation

You know the saying; “You never get a second chance at a first impression?”

Well, we agree! 

Therefore, we would like to offer you a free consultation package to get you introduced to our Road Trip Coaching Services.

Please contact us with the form on the side and we will provide a free e-mail or 10-minute Skype consultation about your travel ideas and plans.

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Get your free consultation now!

Step 2: Let’s design your dream road trip

Are you happy with the results after your free consultation? Great, now it is time to put the plan together.

What is included?

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  • Personalised suggestions for activities/restaurants/places/tours you’ll adore. Includes relevant links or contact details for bookings.


  • Unique road trip routes through each country based on your travel goals. Perfect for a family road trips, Vanlife, romantic holidays or rallies with friends. 


  • I do the bulk of the research for you, saving you up to 50 hours of endless clicks on Google. All will be organized for you into a logical order.


  • Accommodation options carefully selected to match your dates, tastes and budget. Will include links to make the booking easy!


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  • I’ll tell you what I know about the places you choose to visit that will enhance your trip.


  • I’ll find out the times of the year to travel by car at your favorite destination. This also includes a check for the best car-rental companies.


  • Unlimited one-to-one email support for up to 7 days – ask as many questions as you need to make the best choices.


  • I use Google Docs or One drive for a shared draft itinerary that we can both edit and comment on as the coaching session progresses. At the end of the consult, the itinerary is yours.

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Road Trips for Dummies PDF

Road Trip Diary & Planner PDF

“Receive a free copy of Road Trip for Dummies & Road Trip Diary & Planner with your order!”

Price: €75 for a 7-day itinerary. (Excl. VAT for EU residents)


Ready to go?

Contact Us For More Information And Start Planning Your Dream Road Trip Today!