Save money on your road trip in The Netherlands

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A Complete Road Trip Guide for The Netherlands

You have read our road trip guides and are ready to travel, but want to lower your cost? Use these tips and tricks and learn how to save money on your road trip in The Netherlands. I will describe why it is better to drive safely to save money, choose between diesel or a gasoline car and the best travel periods for your road trip.

Drive safely

The traffic rules are strictly monitored by the Dutch police. They have radar controls on almost every major highway and do regular alcoholic breath tests. Undercover operations are also very common to catch traffic violators. Any speed fine over 50 Km/h, will result in you losing your drivers license on the spot, whilst the DA will determine the amount of the fine. And I can guarantee you it will be an expensive one! It is also advised not to consume alcohol before driving. The Netherlands has strict drink driving laws, allowing only 220 micrograms per litre of exhaled breath or 0.5 grams of alcohol per litre of blood.

Rent a diesel car 

Diesel is much cheaper then gasoline in the Netherlands. If you plan to rent a car upon arrival, try to secure a car with a diesel engine. It can save up to 10 euro per tank! Electric driving is also supported with charging stations at most gas stations.

Travel in the off-season

Peak months are June, July and August. During this time it will be very busy in the capital cities, but also on the campsites. Having a caravan or camper is a big part of the Dutch culture, therefore you will save some money if you travel outside of these months. If you do plan to make a road trip during this time, make sure you made all your reservations in advance.