Road Trips for Dummies TM
This 12-page PDF pocket edition is the perfect E-book for beginner road trippers, and for senior travelers who wish to resfresh their road trip skills with this easy to use step-by-step guide. By implemeting the Road Trip for Dummies guidelines and tips you will be up to date & prepared for an amazing time on the road!

Keep on driving, road trippers!
How the Road Trips for Dummies TM 
E-book will help you become a road trip expert on your next adventure!
"How to plan your road trip like a boss!"
"How to find cheap accommodation during your travels."
"The best and most iconic road trip cars compared."
"Inside your road trip car. What to look for?"
"31-step Road Trip planner checklist every road tripper needs."
"Important road trips in your lifetime."
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