Taking pictures while on a road trip seems to be a given these days. The fact that everyone has a camera within their smartphone makes taking pictures easy at any moment. Most people merely post their pictures on social media for everyone to see, but they do not realize the true potential of their pictures. Photo journalism is one of the largest growing fields and you do not need a degree or even a fancy professional camera to take part. The next time you are out on a journey take plenty of road trip photos.


In this blogpost I discuss why taking road trip photos is important and how they may pay off for you when you get back home.

The Ease

It takes little more than pointing and shooting with new cameras these days. There was a time where taking a picture involved a lot of composition and planning. That form of photography still has its place, but more often than not, the desire for spontaneous photography outweighs the need for composition.

Some of the most famous pictures picked up by newspapers and magazines recently have merely been photos people have taken at random. Not only will some magazines or newspapers be interested in your photography, sometimes you can also post your photos to different websites. The payback on photography varies greatly. Media outlets have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for shots of celebrities in random parts of the world and other shots have not been so popular. The fact remains however that you never know until you try, so let your photography shine.

Stock photography 

Here are some of these great stock photography websites that you can use to sell your road trip photos. Remember though that your photo’s need to be high quality so a quick snapshot won’t cut it.

Road trip photo




These first 3 websites are the traditional stock photo websites. Each one has own earning system, which ranges from fixed pay to donations, so go check them out and see which one suits you best.

road trip photos

Site 4: http://www.cafepress.com

If you really think you made some unique road trip photos you can also try to sell it combined with merchandise. Cafepress is a well known website who can print your photo on pretty much anything! They can also ship directly to the buyer and you pay a fee of the sale for their services.

road trip photos soap

Site 5: https://www.foap.com/photographer

This is an app that allows you to make money by taking photos. You are in control on how much you want to charge people to buy your photo. There is a large variety of photos so here you can also try to sell less fancy road trip photos.

Important World Events

Throughout history there have been photographs published by different forms of media from news journals all the way up to television broadcasts. People often take for granted the ease of being able to a see any event almost immediately as it happens. However, most people do not realize that many of the photos seen on media comes from people that just happen to be at the event when it took place.

Road trips can take you to many places throughout the world and your road trip photos are not just about making memories. Provided that you are in the right place at the right time, you could profit greatly from specific shots. This is not to say that you should seek out profit from negative aspects of life, but journalists cannot always get into the place where world impactful events take place. They often have to rely on the amateur photographers in order to get the full scope of the story. If you do every get the chance to photograph a world event, share the photos with credible media outlets.

A Photo Journal

Too much emphasis is often placed on the need to post all pictures to social media outlets. There are even some that keep their social media albums as a record of their travels. Posting pictures does have its place, but what is more important is keeping a photo journal. Having a photo journal is not merely about keeping track of your photography. It can open up new worlds for you as well as for future generations.

Upon reading this article, you may have thought that the payoff we were speaking of was merely about money, but you would be wrong. Photo journals enable you to have a record of your travels and where you may believe that your online library is enough, it is important to remember that technology is always changing. A computer glitch or an update to the system could wipe out all of your memories. A hard copy in the form of a photo journal allows you to always have that record and even when you get older and have generations of children below you, you can give them a look into the past as well. Old photos have a tendency to bring generations together like nothing else. Money is certainly not the only payoff possible.

road trip photos

The app that helps you free your photos + puts them into a monthly photo book for $2.99/month.


How to Start

There is no guidebook on how to get into photo journalism, as there are far too many avenues to name. your road trip may take you to places far and wide, but never hesitate to take out your camera. It is also an important thing to remember that if you are going to allow your photos to work for you, take a variety of different cameras. As you do not need a completely professional camera for every shot, it may help to have the same shot taken with multiple cameras and from different vantage points to ensure that you get the entire scope of the shot. Good thing YouTube has many free tutorials and lessons available on how to start with photography.

Take the time to understand the requirements of the media options you wish to pursue. Every website and every form of media will have different requirements. If you take the time to understand the rules and ask questions, your photos will be received much more easily.


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