Car shopping can be quite an enjoyable experience. Although some people seem to loath the concept, the thought of driving off the lot with a brand new car is wonderful for the vast majority of drivers. People always have their picks for the best cars, but too often these picks are based solely on how the vehicle looks rather than the actual mechanics. Buying a car for daily use is pretty straightforward as we all know what we need from the vehicle, but when you are purchasing car specifically for road trips, you have a little more to consider. Here are some suggestions as to what to look for in a good road trip car.


When you plan a road trip you will also be planning on who will be going with you. If there are only two taking the trip, then any small car will be fine, but if you have anyone else coming along, you may want to consider a larger car or an SUV. The space in the rear of the SUV is large enough for grown people to move around in, unlike the very cramped back seat of a small car. Trust me, everyone will be happier if they are comfortable.


This concept may seem a little strange for a road trip car, but you cannot plan on every instance being perfect on your road trip. Plans can change in an instant, you never know if there will be vacancy in the hotels of the cities you stay in, and the weather is always a factor if you choose to camp. Many small cars, crossover, and SUVs have fold flat seats. If the weather is a problem or the huge convention in town has taken up all hotel rooms, you will be happy to be able to stretch out on the fold flat seats. The ones that have carpet on the backs of the seats rather than plastic will give you a bit more comfort as well.

Charging Stations

While road tripping with friends or family, you will likely not be thinking too much about your mobile device, but it is always a good idea to maintain a charge. Depending on how many people are in the road trip car, you will have to have ample room for everyone’s smartphones or tablets, so purchasing a car with only one charging station will not do. Most vehicles these days come with at least two charging ports and adapters can be purchased to make room for more devices if needed.

Fuel Economy

Money is always a factor when you are on a road trip. You have to factor in how much food will cost, the cost of sleeping where you choose, and gas in the car as well. Although we have previously discussed the need for space for all, it should never impede on your ability to drive. Fuel economy in most vehicles has come quite a long way in recent years and you have many options at your disposal for a large enough vehicle that will not drink fuel. Before purchasing your road trip car be sure to ask about the fuel economy.

Driving System

Few vehicles these days utilize the old-style rear-wheel drive format that used to be popular. Most vehicles today utilize the front-wheel drive format as this is easier to handle under most driving circumstances. This issue would not be a factor for most standard driving conditions, but while on a road trip, you cannot always be so sure about driving conditions. Therefore, you need a road trip car that can handle it all. Four-wheel drive options are available with some SUVs, but more and more vehicles are turning to all-wheel drive for the remarkable ability to get out of tough road conditions. Front-wheel drive is good, but all-wheel drive far superior.

Trunk Space

Space in a vehicle is not just limited to the ability to move around in the interior. Space is also needed in the cargo area. Trunk space is often given up for more room in the interior, but that can be detrimental to your road trip experience. You will have luggage to bring along and do not forget about the souvenirs you will pick up along the way, so never leave out the need for ample trunk space.

The list of options for a good road trip car are truly endless, but the point of it all is to ensure that you have a reliable vehicle that will get you where you are going without any major issues. Your road trip will be an enjoyable experience provided that you have the right mode of transportation. On a side note, always remember to pick a car with an easily accessible spare tire. You do not want to be on the side of the road in the rain trying to get the spare tire out of its holding area.