Mr Heater Big Buddy Review

This is a popular propane space heater in the whole of North America. You can use it to heat cabins, small apartments, bedrooms, patios and even garages. Yes, you can this heater for your indoor as well as outdoor needs. Hands down the Mr Heater Big Buddy is a great addition to your heating supplies. By all means, this space heater works with simple mechanism.

We have tried and found it to be way more useful than any other swanky heater in the market. Let us find out more about it in details in the next section to make things clear.

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Benefits Of The Mr Heater Big Buddy

We can go on about this heater, as there is so much to discuss. We will not bore you with too much of talking. However, we would like to add that anyone that wants to save a lot on heating system; must give this space heater a consideration. It not only help you conserve energy but also save on the energy bills. Yes, this is a cost effective solution to your heating needs and there is more to it, like:

  • You do not have install it, as it is a portable heater
  • Not to mention that you can easily carry around
  • Having less space is not a crime and this can be a boon for you
  • Is certainly not an overload on your electrical system
  • You get what is called effective heating


If you want to keep yourself warm in the cold winter months, then you should have give space heaters a thought. In fact, that is the reason, why you are reading this post. Fair enough, let us have a look at what this Mr Heater Big Buddy is capable of doing for you.

  • Design – Has a simple design that speaks of being a space heater and nothing more. No, it does not look anything fancy that may have caught your eye because of its grandeur. Instead, it has a clean design that promises only heating.


  • Patented technology – It has a patented radiant of 4,000-18,000 BTU that can connect itself to tow cylinders of 1 pound each. This can keep a room 300 to 450 square feet warm quite effortlessly.


  • Mechanism – A radiant fan ensures even heating in convection style. The built in Piezo sparking system adds to this and makes it even more convenient for you. In simple words, this is an efficient heater that will keep you cozy during the harsh winter months.


  • Safe – As per our observation, we have found it to be quite capable of shutting off, whenever it detected low oxygen levels in the air. This means you can enjoy it indoors for as many years as you can think of.
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  • The regulators can swivel
  • Has accidental tip off facility
  • Easy to use, simply push and rotate a knob
  • Comes with low, medium and high settings
  • Runs on propane gas
  • Portability adds to ease of use
  • No consumption of electricity at all
  • This is why it helps to save enormously on utility bills
  • Very reasonably priced for a product of such quality
  • Backed by 1 year warranty


  • It gets shut off with the slightest bumps and in a small spaced area, as well know that bumping is an inevitable activity
  • If operating over 7,000 feet above sea level, be prepared for the heater may completely shut off

Our verdict

We have used the Mr. Heater Big Buddy and found it to be quite a useful thing. If you follow the instructions of the manufacturer and maintain a little, it will serve you long. This means you must it judiciously over anything, like use it either on a low setting (as this will yield you more) or on a high setting (in case it is too cold).

Avoid the medium as it will burn the gas quickly but will not provide adequate warmth. Do not light them at night and go off to sleep, as it may not be a safe idea. You see following the norms will make sure that you remain safe and your space heater serves you the best.

1 new from $223.93
3 used from $101.96
Free shipping
Last updated on April 22, 2018 12:11 am


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