Your honeymoon is something that should be special to you and your new life long partner. The wedding and reception is the perfect way to announce your union to the world. Once all the fanfare and ceremony is over, the time of honeymoon can commence. Most people when they think of a honeymoon envision a resort with all the amenities desired and a week or two of complete enjoyment, but there is much more pleasure to be found in having a road trip for a honeymoon.

Here are a few reasons why a honeymoon road trip is perfect for your new journey together!

The Spirit of the Unknown

When you embark on your perfectly planned out honeymoon, there is little room for spontaneity. You will have most of the time structured out apart from a few hours of sightseeing. This is fine for the average holiday, but when you are on your honeymoon, you want it to be memorable and special. A road trip allows for maximum spontaneity and without the stifling effects of a well-structured format. You and your love can explore the road at your will and take the time you need in every place you stop.

Get Closer

One aspect of marriage that will become evident very quickly is the fact that you need to remain connected with your spouse if you want the marriage to last a lifetime. There is no better way to start than with a road trip. You will have to navigate while on the road as well as make quick decisions as to what you want to see. It is an adventurous exercise for the new couple on how well they work together. A road trip can also bring about a closer feeling to your spouse because there may be times where you have to stop for the night and camp and body heat can be the best way to stay warm on chilly nights out in the open, so be sure to pack accordingly.

Hidden Perks of a Honeymoon Road Trip

Anytime you book a room for a special occasion you tend to tell the receptionist about the special occasion in hopes for a few perks. Resort staff tend to give those perks and upgrades freely to a honeymoon couple, but the fact that the resort may be overcrowded will limit your ability to truly enjoy yourself even with the upgrades.

A honeymoon road trip gives you flexibility to the maximum degree and many of the small towns you visit may not get a lot of tourists. These types of places tend to try to maximize the number of return guests to offset the lack of a steady flow of tourists. Therefore, they will try to make you stay as memorable as possible so you return at a later date. If you happen to tell them that it is your honeymoon, they are likely to offer you even more perks to make your stay as memorable as possible. Most people tend to revisit their honeymoon spot at least once or twice during their marriage.

So Much Fun

It can be great to get pampered at a resort and rest along the beach, but when you are confined to one spot, you can feel a bit stifled. Traveling around on your honeymoon road trip just brings out the fun of traveling. You can stop where you want to and see more of the countryside without simply having to show up to specific events at the resort. When you add in the fact that most people have internet enabled phones, you can look up different places along the way and take the time to see them so you never have to worry about not getting to see all you want to. The fun of a road trip is maximized by the fact that you are experiencing life as a married couple for the first time.

Happily ever after..

Marriage is a long and winding journey. You will experience highs and lows just like you will while you are on a road trip for a honeymoon. The memories made while on your honeymoon road trip will last for your entire life. The freeing experience of being out driving through the countryside with just you and your love is something that is simply unmatched. No marriage is going to be perfect and it does take a considerable amount of work to stay married, but when you are in love, you can get through most anything and starting off your life together with a honeymoon road trip will give you perspective on your future ahead as well as start out life in the most enjoyable way possible..

Honeymoon road trip
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