Germany is a spectacularly beautiful country. The countryside is truly epic and the jaw dropping views from the peaks of the alps that run through the country are what your photographic dreams are made of. The food, the people, and the ambience of the entire country add to its unique charm. A German road trip is the best way to spend your holiday time and if you want to see the heart of the Germany, here is the route to take.

Start in Munich

Munich, Germany is our starting off point of this road trip through Germany and what a start it is! Munich is home to some of the most famous and beer gardens and markets around. Make sure that you allot plenty of time to explore this city and do a little shopping while you are there. German hand crafts are some of the most well-made and sought after items to be found anywhere in the world and taking full advantage of that fact can save you a considerable amount of money.

Short Drive to Ettal

This is where you will have to make a decision as to what you want to see. Along the 1 hour drive to Ettal, there is a particularly sobering sight that is a huge draw for tourists, but may not be suitable for everyone. Everyone knows the torrid past of Germany and many of the concentration camps still remain preserved as a reminder of what power can do to some people. Dachau Concentration Camp is along the road and if you choose to stop you will see the true effects of that dark time in history, but it is worth it to gain perspective on how far our world has come from many of the dictators of the past.

To Fussen

When you have taken in the sights of Ettal you may begin to look for a place to rest your head for the evening. If you can last another hour on the road while keeping your eyes open, you will find a very unique form of lodging. Those that have visited Fussen have marveled at the fact that the town is remarkably just like a fairy tale. Fussen is full of beautiful small inns with balconies with the perfect view of the Austrian Alps. While staying in Fussen, be sure to stop by Neuschwanstein Castle. A real German road trip would not be complete without taking in some of the most famous and well-preserved castles, and this one is said to have inspired Walt Disney in the production of the castles depicted in his many fairytale animations. It is a good place to take any dreamer for a visit.


Germany is quite famous for its influence in popular fairytales. The effects of this can be felt throughout the country, but most notably in Oberammergau. This quaint little town is only an hour drive from Fussen and will bring out the child in you as well as your traveling companions. The shops in the small town are full of hand carved sculptures showing fairytale themes. This is the place to go if you have anyone wanting a souvenir from you trip with a little whimsy added in. The homes are even hand painted with the fairytale motif, so you are sure to have a magical time in the city.

Partnach Gorge

A road trip in Germany would not be complete without enjoying some of the natural wonders to be found. Just about a 40-minute drive south of Oberammergau is Partnach Gorge. The gorge is particularly special because it has been cut by the river running below, so there are two parts to it. Exploring the area will put you right up close to rivers, streams, and waterfalls so be sure to have your camera ready for the right photo op and good shoes for hiking.

Garmisch Partenkirchen

You will be tired after hiking through Parnach Gorge, so to end your German road trip head down to the small town of Garmisch Partenkirchen. This part of the country is known for its rustic nature as many of the locals enjoy hiking in the area as well, so you are sure to find that hearty Bavarian food you have been craving your entire journey. Take in the local scenes and stay a while in the city. The people are particularly hospitable and enjoy taking time for tourists.

Germany is a beautiful and awe-inspiring country. The winters are quite cold, but the summers are relatively mild, so make plans for your road trip when you are most comfortable. You do not have to simply go to the same tourist spots in Germany that are in all the travel books. This German road trip will keep you away from some of the heavily traveled areas all while giving you an epic road trip to remember all your life.