Cost of Road Travel in The Netherlands

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A Complete Road Trip Guide for The Netherlands

As part of “The Complete Road Trip Guide of The Netherlands”, we will discuss the cost of road travel in The Netherlands. Here you can find information about cost for your overnight accommodation, like hotels, hostels and campsites. It also provides valuable information on  road tolls and vignettes and what the current gas prices in The Netherlands are. For food we will discuss what low-cast supermarket chains are best and what the average prices are for groceries and eating out.

Hotels, hostels and Airbnb

Nearby the province capitals you will be able to find most hostels and hotels. The smaller villages normally do not receive many tourists. Hotel prices are on average between € 85, – (100 USD), but in Amsterdam the cost are € 115, – (138 USD) per night. Hostels range between € 15, – and € 25, – (18-30 USD) per night. Keep in mind that hostel and hotels are most expensive in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam.

Couchsurfing is very popular in the province capitals. You will not have any trouble finding a sofa to sleep on. Airbnb rentals are between € 25, – and € 75, – (30-90 USD) depending on your location.

Free or private car parking is available at almost any location, but with exception of the city centers.


Campsites are widely available in The Netherlands. Prices per night are between € 15, – and € 25, – (18-30 USD). The temperatures can get low at night when camping in the fall and winter, therefore it is better not to use a tent in this period. Camping in the wild is generally not allowed in The Netherlands, but there are a few spots where it is legal to camp. These are the so called pole camps and you can find a map here


The cost of food is normal in The Netherlands. When eating fast food the prices start at € 4, – to € 6, (5-7 USD) per meal, whilst eating out in a normal restaurant is between € 10, – to € 18, (12-21 USD) per meal. Low-cost German supermarket chains Aldi & Lidl are widely available through out the country. When based on 2 persons, buying groceries at these chains normally results in € 30, – (36 USD) for a weeks worth of groceries. 

Road tolls & Vignette (Road taxes)

The Netherlands does not apply road tax on foreign cars. Therefore, if you come on holiday with your car or rent a car in the Netherlands you will not encounter a road toll nor need a Vignette. 

 Gas prices

For the latest gasoline prices in The Netherlands: Click here