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In the Northern Europe section you will find all blogposts and video logs of The Trip 2017 regarding countries in Northern Europe.

visit Geiranger Fjord

Vlog 7 : Farms & Fjords – Visit Geiranger Fjords

After my amazing hike on the Trolltunga (See vlog 6 : Hiking the Trolltunga) it was time to visit the beautiful little eco-hostel and farm Eplet Apple & Bed and visit Geiranger Fjord. I stayed here...

The Road Trip 2017 – Vlog 3 – Amsterdam to Berlin

Please see the related blogpost here. If you like this video please subscribe or follow me on social media! This episode: Saying goodbye to the family and heading to Berlin. Meeting new people, eating great food...

How to visit the North Cape (Nord Kapp) in Norway

My time on the Lofoten Islands was coming to an end and there was one final Norwegian landmark that was on my bucketlist; The North Cape. The North Cape is often considered the northernmost...
how to hike trolltunga

Vlog 6: How to hike Trolltunga in Norway

During my 30,000 km road trip through Europe, I had the opportunity to climb the Trolltunga. It was a race against the clock as the weather that week would only have one day of...
Finland road trip

Finland Road Trip Itinerary – Santa Clause, Reindeer, Sauna & Mosquitos!

Finland Road Trip Itinerary - Santa Clause, Reindeer, Sauna & Mosquitos! I finally did it! I had reached the most northern part in Europe and the North Cape was totally worth the extra kilometers Louie...

Reinebringen, Beaches, Campings, Hiking & Tours – XL Lofoten Guide

The Best Lofoten Camping, Beaches, Reinebringen Hiking & Tours The Lofoten Islands is an archipelago that is located in the northern part of Norway above the Arctic Circle. This hidden pearl of Norway is full...
Driving from Oslo to Bergen

Driving from Oslo to Bergen – Tyrifjorden, Aurlandsfjorden & Stave Churches

Driving from Oslo to Bergen - Tyrifjorden, Aurlandsfjorden & Stave Churches The route between Oslo and Bergen has the reputation for being one of the most beautiful roads (either by car or train) on...

Norway’s hidden treasure: The Eplet Bed and Apple farm

I was walking around Bergen when I came across a ticket shop for the famous fjord cruises. Between all the big offers, on a small  A-4 paper there was a sign that said; Learn how...

My Guide to Solo Hiking the Trolltunga

Hiking the famous Trolltunga had been on my bucket list for a long time. I had seen many photos and videos of people standing on the well known rock, which is located in the...

25.000 km Europe road trip part 5 : Odda, Geiranger to Bodø

It was time to head north or else I would stay in Norway forever! There is just so much to see that you could easily spend weeks traveling on just the south and west part of...