When you think of a road trip you might not think about The Netherlands, but more about the populair sunny tourism destinations like France, Spain, Engeland and Greece. Did you know that road tripping in The Netherlands can actually be really fun? And that it is much cheaper then other countries which is great for you low-budget travellers!

Depending on your route you can do a 1-day road trip (Yes, The Netherlands are that small) or you do it for the weekend. The famous coupon website Groupon, also has a Dutch website so book your accommodation or diner with great discounts! Want to see why The Netherlands is road trip material? Check out these 7 amazing pictures.

1. Rotterdam has an amazing skyline, plenty of bars and restaurants and is a beautiful city to start your road trip! Not from The Netherlands? No worries, Rotterdam Airport is just around the corner and most low-budget European airliners fly to this airport. 

2. The channels of Amsterdam are an amazing sight to see! Just make sure you are riding in the right direction as all these road are one direction!

3. With a road trip you can visit some small traditional hotspots or musea! 

4. The Netherlands is known for having a lot of art in public. Go check it out. It’s free!

5. It is no Cancun (Mexico), but it is an amazing beach! Go visit The Hague & Scheveningen with a whole new entertainment area at the marina.

Road Trip in The Netherlands

6. If you are tired of the big cities you can be outside and into the nature within 15 minutes. That is the benefit of being such a small country!

Road Trip in The Netherlands

7. France? No way! This is Maastricht in the province of Limburg. Did not think you would see such a pretty sight in The Netherlands, yeah? 

Road Trip in The Netherlands

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