Italy is a beautiful country full of amazing sites. There are countless destination spots within the country, but the problem is that most travelers to Italy tend to simply visit the highlight locations and neglect the fact that the best of the country is seen from the road on an old-fashioned Italian road trip along the Amalfi coast beaches

Where it is true that you should see the canals of Venice and take in some amazing food in Tuscany, but never neglect the fact that the country is remarkable when viewed from the comfort of your very own vehicle. Here is one of the best road trips to see everything you need to see.

The Amalfi Coast Beaches

A coastal road trip is a given in Italy. The narrow landscape of the country makes for the perfect way to view the ocean while you cruise the roads. The Amalfi Coast is a drive that should not be missed and beginning in Salerno is the way to start. Salerno is one of the busiest ports in Italy. Being a port city, it offers a great jumping off point for your road trip to begin.

Pick up the supplies that you need and do not forget the picnic supplies before hopping on the SS163 to Vietri sul Mare. This part of the trip is sure to please anyone who enjoys ceramics as the city is a leader in the ceramics industry. Do not forget to take pictures of the dramatic coastline before heading out of this area.

Visit The Amalfi Coast Beaches by Road!
Nuff said! You might never want to leave this beautiful place ..


From Vietri sul Mare you will go a bit inland down to Ravello. The lush gardens within this part of the country are perfect for a picnic, so be sure to stop for a while to enjoy the simple beauty of Ravello. The Villa Rufolo is a famous attraction in the area along with the 11th century cathedral. Famous people have stayed at the Villa throughout the years and the cathedral makes for the perfect photo op with views that will take your breath away.

Visit The Amalfi Coast Beaches by Road!
Visit The Amalfi Coast Beaches by Road!
The Seafront

Depending on what time of the year your road trip takes place, you may be able to find a remarkably inexpensive deal on a stay in Amafi. This city is among the most popular resort areas and therefore during peak season, prices can go up considerably, but if you time it just right you can take advantage of the perfect weather without busting your travel budget. You will also avoid the huge crowds if you travel during the off season, but no matter when you travel, Amalfi is one place that should be a stop on your road trip for the sheer history of the area. If you are staying for a few nights in Amalfi, be sure to take in the city in its entirety with a hike into the hills above to Valle dei Mulini.

Take it West

The next leg of your journey along the Amalfi Coast will take you west. Along this road, you will find the emerald waters of Grotta Dello Smeraldo and Vallone di Furrore. Both of these sites will enhance your Italian road trip greatly and be an impressive start to your journey through the towns of Praiano and Positano. These two coastal villages are quintessentially old Italy and will transport you to a simpler time that most of the world simply does not see anymore.

While in Praiano you should not miss some of the sites. One of the most famous for the visitors that love churches is the Parracchia di San Gennaro. The impressive architecture along with the meticulously inlaid floors in the sanctuary offer a serene place to take pictures as well as simply get in touch with the more spiritual side of Italy.

Visit The Amalfi Coast Beaches by Road!
The Amalfi Coast Road route for an amazing Italian road trip. You won’t regret it!


The final stretch of your amazing Italian road trip will take you to Sorrento. The roads wind through the landscape into this convenient little resort town. Should you still have time, you may want to leave the coast for a while along SS366 into the Lattari Mountains. There you can fine serenity and usually some pretty good photo opportunities provided that the weather cooperates

An Italian road trip can take you to many places, but sometimes avoiding the tourist traps that are all too common in the country will enable you to get more out of the journey. There are many travel guides that simply market toward the tourist areas, but those in the know look to the locals and the areas that are not found in the tourist destination spots. Have a fantastic time an enjoy the road.