Visiting the Lofoten has always been my dream. I arrived in the port of Sørvågen at 6.30 AM after taking a 3-hour ferry from Bodø. It was a early trip, but once I arrived it was all worth it. As it was still early on a Friday morning and my room was not available until 2.00 PM I decided to drive around the south part of the island. In the town called Å (Yes, there really is a town with just one letter) ,at the very end of the road, is a big parking lot where you will find a lot of campers, backpackers and vans parked for an evening camping in the wild.

This is perfect for you low-budget backpackers or vanlifers as there are even toilets available to freshen up a bit. I went here and slept for a few hours in the car as the night before I did not have much sleep. Then I woke up to this view!

Hostel in the Lofoten

During me my time in the south part of the Lofoten I stayed at the Sørvågen Inn. This little motel/hostel is located nearby the port and is actually pretty affortable for renting a single room. All the other hostels were already fully booked so this was my only option. It is located nearbij the Maren Anna restaurant. The staff is very friendly and even offered me a free drink as I had to wait an hour extra for checking in. The rooms are basic, but nice and clean with your own shower and restroom. The location was very good with only 5 to 10 minutes drive to Reine.

My review on Sørvågen Inn:

Location : 5/5
Bed : 5/5
Facilities : 5/5 (own bathroom)
Staff & Service : 5/5
Price : 3/5 (Good price, compared to other locations on the Lofoten Islands)

Price : € 55,- for private room

The small fishing village of Reine
Hiking the Reinebringen

On my first day I prepared myself for hiking the Reinebringen. The Reinebringen is a steep hike right next to the small town of Reine and one of the most popular hike trails on the Lofoten Islands. Once you are at the top you have an amazing view over the famous fishing village. The hike itself is not very long, but the steepness and difficult terrain does not come without any danger.

Facts about hiking the Reinebringen:

Duration                   : 1.5 hours up and 1 hour down.
Height                      : 450 meters
Length                      : 1 kilometer
Terrain                      : Steep, lose rocks and slippery at times
Camping                    : Yes, on top. But not much protection
Water                        : Not available

Please be careful

Once you have started, you will find a stairway of flat rocks after about 200 meters. These rocks are stairs that lead to different paths going up the hill. In my experience the best path is when you go directly to your right (almost at the beginning) at the First Emergency Response Box (Orange) that is available next to the path. All the other paths going up are much steeper, muddy and lots of lose rocks. Trust me, the path right of the First Emergency Response Box is much easier.

Visiting the Lofoten
Stairway on the trial.

Try to use the same route when going back and please keep a very close eye on any lose rocks. If you notice any rocks starting to fall immediately inform any climbers below you as they can pack quite the impact when tumbling down the mountain. Yell “ROCK” or “WATCH OUT” to make sure everybody hears you.


Finding the entry to the trail can be a bit tricky. See on my map (marked with a P) where you need to park. It is on a small parking lot right passed the Djupfjordbrua Bridge towards Reine on the E10. Then you need to walk 300 meters next to the highway to the start of the trail.

Visiting the amazing Haukland Beach

Haukland Beach has to be one of the most beautiful beaches of Norway. The sand is bright white and the water is so blue that without the snow on the mountains you would think you are in the Caribbean. The water was still very cold though and with 11 degrees Celcius I was not to keen to swim too long! There is plenty of parking space available.  A fully day hanging out on the beach and working on your tan (Yes, I actually got a pretty good tan in Norway), whilst enjoying the stunning views of the mountains is a great idea. There are no toilets or any other facilities therefore you will have the change clothes the old fashion way with a towel, haha.

Visiting the Lofoten
The beaches of Haukland. Stunning, isn’t it?

When will you be visiting the Lofoten Islands?




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