After my amazing hike on the Trolltunga (See vlog 6 : Hiking the Trolltunga) it was time to visit the beautiful little eco-hostel and farm Eplet Apple & Bed and visit Geiranger Fjord. I stayed here for 6 days and during that time I explored the beautiful landscapes of the Solvorn Fjord. The hostel is just a few hundred meters away from this gorgeous fjord and if you are strong enough to handle the cold water you can try and go for a swim!

Visit Geiranger Fjord

After my stay it was time to visit Geiranger Fjord. With my new road trip buddy Maaike we drove from Solvorn to the little village of Hellesylt. Here we stayed for two nights at the Hellesylt hostel and took the ferry to Geiranger. The duration was about 1 hour to get to Geiranger and normally is 240 NOK for a ticket. Fortunately, nobody checked us and without us knowing we got a free ferry ride to Geiranger.

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