Camper Rental Norway – Guide on The Best Campervan Rental in Norway

Camper Rental in Norway
Our "The Best Motorhome, Campervan,Camper Rental in Norway" guide contains useful travel information for your next RV or caravan holiday in Norway.

Camper Rental Norway – Guide on The Best Campervan Rental in Norway

The world today seems much less happy than it did many years ago. With each passing generation, there is more responsibility and demands on time leading people to be generally less happy than they used to be. There is however one place that boasts the happiest people on the planet.

Norway is consistently ranked as the number one country with the happiest people and if you need a bit of happiness put back into your routine, a holiday with a campervan through Norway might be just the ticket. There is a lot to see and do, but here is your complete road trip guide for this jovial country.

Camper rental in Norway – Where to go?

Camper, Motorhome & Campervan Rental in Norway

Camper Rental Norway Companies

If you look online you will see dozens of companies promoting campervan, motorhome or caravan rentals. To make things easier for you we made a small summary of the best rental companies on the market today!

camper rental norway
Hire a campervan, camper and RV in Norway


Nordic Campers
Campervan Norway 
Motorhome Norway
Our Tour

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Rental prices per day are on average 900 NOK (Low season) to 1300 NOK (High Season) for campers and 1500 NOK (Low season) to 2000 NOK (High Season) for motorhomes.

This does not include insurance or other extra options.


You are always covered with a basic insurance, but if you plan to go into the mountains an additional insurance for your tires and emergency response are recommended. Paying for a new tyre won’t break the bank, but an evacuation with a helicopter will.

Therefore, double-check your travel insurance as these events happen a lot in Norway due to the unpredictable weather conditions.


A must-have! Bring an updating GPS Navigator from home or else rent one from your rental company. Norway is famous for having regions where no internet connection is available. A good GPS navigator can save your life!

Toll roads, parking & gas prices

camper rental norway

Norway Toll Roads

Norway is a country that is full of toll roads. Toll prices range from 18 NOK to 26 NOK, which is around $2 to $4. The beauty of the toll road system however is that, although all who pass through must pay, you can register your motorhome before embarking on the road trip to save some time.

camper rental norway
Norway Toll Roads

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By registering, you connect your credit card with the toll and pay the money as you drive through a special registered only lane.

For those who do not pay the toll and choose to attempt to get through without registration, the many cameras will tag your license plate and ticket you accordingly through the mail along with a picture of your offense. Therefore, it is best to always pay the tolls.

Rental cars with a Norwegian license plate are already covered, therefore you do not have to register your RV. You will receive your bill when you return the vehicle.


When taking a road trip through Norway, you will want to abide by all rules. Strict speed limits of around 50mph is enforced by police on every road. Violating the limits can and will result in high fines, but where you will most want to watch your vehicle is where it is parked.

Most attractions have plenty of parking, but there will be occasions where you will have to park in parking decks in the larger cities. The costs for parking in the decks range from 12NOK ($1.50) per hour all the way to 200NOK ($25).

Gas Prices

The cost of fuel is forever rising and in Norway, you can expect to pay over $6 per gallon of gasoline. That might sting a bit when filling up a very large vehicle, but with the help of technology, you can better manage your fuel budget. Click here for an excellent tool to help you along the way.

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Finding the right accommodations

camper rental norway

The true road tripper understands that there is nothing more satisfying than a night out under the stars. Camping is available throughout Norway and guests can expect to pay between 242NOK ($35) and 436NOK ($60) at most campsites.

Norway is also one of the most liberal countries when it comes to wild camping. They allow for camping throughout the year on uncultivated land. The only limit is that the land cannot be cultivated and used in any other way.

The user is also only limited to 2 nights at any campsite, but the time restrictions are taken away when you venture into the mountains of the country.

When choosing to camp, always take into account to elevation as well as the temperatures as it does get quite cold in Norway and higher elevations can make it difficult to breathe for even a healthy person.

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Hotel & Hostels

The beauty of Norway however is that the accommodation choices come available for any budget. Those that choose to travel on the cheap can trust in the many hostels and dorm style accommodations.

On average a bed will cost you 340NOK ($41) per night. Cabins and B&Bs will run between 535NOK ($65) and 775NOK ($95). For those with a midrange budget a hotel room will range in price from 775NOK ($80) – 1,500NOK ($170) on weekends and during the high season of travel which is the end of June through middle of August.

Other hotels in the country that cater to the wealthier traveler sect, will cost over €150. Airbnb is another good resource for the road tripper as there are a number of different styles of accommodations for Norway on the site ranging from 340NOK to well over 2,000NOK.

Where to Eat

A road trip is not complete without food along the way. One of your largest expenses while traveling through Norway will be food. It is a remarkably expensive city and therefore it might be to your benefit to seek out the free wild camping sites along the way.

The average hostel and hotel in Norway will offer you a breakfast, but the rest of the meals for the day will be on you. The breakfast costs that you can expect per person on your road trip is between $5 and $9, lunch will run you between $6 and $13 and dinner is on average $13 – $25.

That is certainly the lower end prices, as Norway is home to some amazing fine dining options that are famous throughout the world. Some of the best fish and game is found within the country and many local eateries have these traditional items on the menu.

Money Saving Tips

camper rental norway

In a country that is as famously expensive as Norway, you might wonder how is it possible to save money. The truth is that most people taking a trip to the country can afford the finer things in life, but there are a range of ways to allow your budget to stretch a bit further.


One way that many people blow their budget is by over tipping. Where it is a good idea to tip people for performing their job optimally in the case of servers and housekeepers, Norwegians tend to put the tip into the original price. It is not always necessary to tip everyone and even the tipping rate is much lower than other countries.

For very good service, a 5% tip is fine and if you receive excellent service, 10% is perfect, so do not feel as though you have to break the bank in order to show your appreciation as the case is with some countries.

Finding Cheap Meals

The best way to save money while out on the road is to opt for snacks that will fill you up for long periods of time. Gas stations are perfect for these types of snacks, but if you want to maximize your budget, try purchasing them in a supermarket. Coop Mega is one of those supermarkets.

The choices tend to be more available and the products are not priced quite so high. Other alternatives are to stick with ordering food from local restaurants to share with the rest of your crew.

Avoid Drinking

I know.. I know, but please hear me out! There are many countries throughout the world that offer exceptional alcoholic options, but keep in mind that the expense of Norway also seeps into drinking within the country.

The average drink will cost around $8 each, so if you do not have the budget to hang with the high taste of native Norwegians, stay out of drinking establishments altogether.

Tourism Card

Your road trip will take you to many places throughout Norway and you will be tempted by a myriad of attractions, but it is always best to look into the possibility of tourism cards. These are available in Norway, but tend to only be useful in the high traffic tourist areas.

Traveling with your tourism card in Norway
Traveling with your tourism card in Norway

It never hurts to ask because these cards can save you a lot of money on entrance fees and get you discounts at a number of different places within the country.

Overview of cards: OsloBergenFjord Pass

Things to see & do in Norway

camper rental norway

The sovereign nation of Norway is home to some beautiful scenery as well as some amazing museums. All may not be on your road trip list, but there are a few that you should definitely make time to see.

Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten Islands are the most well-known tourist destination in Northern Norway. This beautiful group of mystical islands has stunning nature, beautiful hikes and a lot of traditional Norwegian restaurants that serve amazing local dishes.

Geiranger Fjord

You cannot make a trip to Norway without visiting one of the fjords the country is famous for. The most beautiful and famous of them all is Geiranger Fjord.

The location has been featured in films such as the Lord of the Rings and attracts people from all countries for its sheer beauty. Viewing the area is free, but will require some hiking.

It is always crowded most of the time, so it is recommended that you arrive early in the morning for the best opportunity to see all you want to see.

Kon-Tiki Museum

If you want to learn some Norwegian history, the Kon-Tiki Museum is the place to do it.

This museum contains relics of the past including artifacts from Norwegian travelers visiting Easter Island and the Galapagos. The most legendary explorers are all on exhibit and the cost for a ticket is only $11.33 per person, so it is a budget friendly option as well.

Oslo Tour

Tours are the perfect way to get to know a country and Oslo offers plenty of them. The typical tour will take on average 2 to 3 hours. You pay on average only $6 per person. It is a great way to meet other tourists and learn important points about the country you are visiting.

Norway is a growing country and full of excellent road trips for any type of budget. Just always remember to be respectful to other motorists and obey all traffic laws.

Happy Driving!


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