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As part of “The Complete Road Trip Guide of France”, we will discuss the cost of road travel in France. Here you can find information about cost for your overnight accommodation, like hotels, hostels and campsites. It also provides valuable information on  road tolls and vignettes and what the current gas prices in France are. For food we will discuss what low-cast supermarket chains are best and what the average prices are for groceries and eating out.

Travel cost

Hotels, hostels and Airbnb

Hostels and hotels can be found through out the country as France welcomes close to 80 million tourists each year. Even the smaller villages will almost all have hotels and Bed & Breakfast options. Hotel prices are on average € 65, – (80 USD), but in Paris the cost are € 125, – (145 USD) per night. Hostels are on between € 12, – and € 35, – (15-42 USD). Keep in mind that hostel and hotels are most expensive in the big cities like Paris, Bordeaux and Nice. The prices are also higher when you go to the French Riviera.

Couchsurfing is very popular in the province capitals. You will not have any trouble finding a sofa to sleep on. Airbnb rentals are between € 25, – and € 125, – (30-150 USD) depending on your location.

Free or private car parking is available at almost any location with exception of the city centers.


Campsites are widely available in France. Prices per night are between € 15, – and € 50, – (18-60 USD), but it is recommended to only be used during the spring/summer period when using a tent, due to the low temperatures at night. For traveling visitors, France is very well equipped, therefore you will have no trouble finding a camping during the spring/summer season.

In France it is not allowed to camp in the wild, but very little check ups are done. Also if you ask a farmer nicely he would not mind as it is part of their hospitality. Also almost every major gasstation is equipped with showers and a hotel. And it is allowed to sleep in the parking lot.


The cost of food is normal in France. When eating fast food the prices start at € 4, – to € 6, (5-7 USD) per meal. Eating out in in a normal restaurant is between € 10, – to € 30, (12-35 USD) per meal. Low-cost German supermarket chains Aldi & Lidl are widely available through out the country, Buying groceries at these chains normal results in € 30, – (36 USD) for a weeks worth of groceries based on 2 persons. In France you can make it as expensive as you want due to their broad variation in the kitchen. I highly recommend eating with locals to taste their amazing local and bio-friendly cooking.

Road tolls & Vignette (Road taxes)

In France you have to pay road taxes on certain routes. Do you want to know which routes? Please visit the site and you can easily see if you need to pay taxes on your route. Almost all stations accept creditcards and cash.

Gas prices

For the latest gasoline prices in France: Click here

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